What Are Board Meeting Minutes?

When organized properly, board meetings can be as productive as office meetings. Thanks to the general shift to telecommuting, everyone will probably come to understand this soon. Switch over!

What Should You Know Board Meeting Minutes?

By board meeting minutes we mean specific management relations in corporations, that is, in organizations, one of the important features of which is the separation of ownership from management. In law, there is no concept of a corporation, but with a certain degree of convention, most of the characteristics of a corporation that are important from the point of view of management are possessed by organizations in the form of open joint-stock companies.

The board meeting minutes have taken place quite quickly, which has led to an increase in the demand for the appropriately skilled labor. Technical changes in logistics management have created an increased demand for people with not only managerial skills but also professional skills in the field of information technology. Moreover, these talent needs arise in the context of the fight to reduce atmospheric emissions, which requires employees to have an even more specific set of skills, namely the ability to manage the digital transformation of logistics without harming the environment. The new needs of the logistics industry have led to a shortage of personnel who would be highly qualified to be able to analyze data sets and make decisions about supply chain management based on them.

5 Tips on How to Host a Webinar Correctly

How can you solve all the difficulties and conduct a cool board meeting? We have prepared step-by-step instructions for you.

  1. Consider time zones.

When choosing a time for your webinar, keep in mind the difference in time zones and try to find the optimal time for all participants.

  1. Plan your board meeting.

A talk plan will help you to collect your thoughts and not miss a single important detail, it is especially important if you are planning to host your first webinar. The plan will also help you understand how long an online meeting will take and what materials you need to prepare for mailing. It is better to write the plan on paper and put it next to you so that you can spy on it at any time.

  1. Prepare a detailed presentation.

Without a presentation, it will be more difficult for the interlocutors to concentrate on your words and highlight the main points. It will also be convenient to send the presentation to those who, for some reason, could not attend the online meeting.

  1. Choose the right webinar platform.

There are several services for online streaming – we will tell you about them in more detail below. If it is important for you to discuss something with your interlocutors, choose a webinar program that allows you to see and hear other people. If you just need to convey information to colleagues, a service with a presentation and a chat will be enough.

  1. Study the service well.

You need to study the chosen service we’ll – be sure to do a test broadcast with a friend and make sure that you know how to handle all the basic functions. If you are holding a meeting not for several colleagues, but for a largely unfamiliar audience, before the webinar you need to learn how to block unwanted listeners who behave inappropriately and try to disrupt the broadcast.

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