Army Men III Beta Version 1.2 Update Released!

After 2 years, Beta 1.2 is finally released! Because Unreal Engine 4 is now free (and the anti-mod support barrier is removed), this will be the last release using UDK as we are currently migrating to Unreal Engine 4. UE4 provided much better opportunities that are otherwise impossible or very hard to achieve in UDK (unless I buy the UE3 license and get the full source code).

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System Requirements

Minimum Specs:

  • Windows XP SP3 or Windows Vista
  • 2.0+ GHz processor
  • 2GB system RAM
  • SM3-compatible video card
  • 5GB Free hard drive space


  • Windows 7 64-bit
  • 2.0+ GHz multi-core processor
  • 4GB System RAM
  • NVIDIA 200 series or higher graphics card
  • Plenty of HDD space

Minimum for DirectX11:

  • Windows Vista
  • 2.0+ GHz processor
  • 2GB system RAM
  • DX11 Graphics Card: Nvidia: 400 series or above ATI: 5000 series or above
  • 5GB Free hard drive space

Known Bugs/Issues/Fixes

New Update Improvements.

  • IK Bones were partially fixed (including the dual-wield issue
  • Sprinting stamina has been doubled.
  • The vehicle physics are no longer wacky.
  • Most NPCs now respond better to Line-of-Sight and Hearing threshold (can see and hear targets more effectively) also seemed to fix or crippled the lagging issue from the sight counter timer.
  • The simple command system is fully functional – By default, press C to order your allies to follow, C again to order them to stop. (NOTE – only some allied soldiers will follow you)
  • Added an additional command to order them to move to location (press V).
  • The grenade now only detonates when it touches a target or
  • Save system features for Mission 05 has been improved.
  • Resolved saving glitches in skirmish mission “Plastic Dinner Special”.
  • Dual wielding system now requires the player to pickup another weapon of the same type to dual-wield it.

Army Men Specific – Bugs/Issues still remaining.

  • We are still struggling with fixing the IK Bone solvers (although we somehow fixed the glitched issue with dual wielding).
  • Some NPCs (e.g. Zombies) may still have their target stuck at enemies far away from them, thus not responding to sight and hearing targets (actually have to shoot them for them to attack ya)
  • Some missions may lag at the beginning due to loading the AI and scripted events.
  • Some NPCs would turn to ‘Idle’ state after performing a melee or special attack (e.g. Berserker).
  • The grenade may sometimes get stuck and will not detonate.
  • Save system is sometimes flawed.
  • Sometimes dead NPC physics may become wacky (due to collision of certain static meshes).
  • Pressing Middle Mouse on a dual-wieldable weapon or switching a new weapon after dual-wielding your previous weapon may sometimes prevent the player from throwing grenades. To resolve, return to that dual-wielded weapon and disable dual-wielding (by default, ‘Middle Mouse’).
  • There is a glitch with FP Arms appear after the player dies. This usually happens when you enter first person mode on any vehicles that allow the player to be visible (e.g. Mounted HMG emplacements).

UDK Specific – Bugs/Issues we CAN NOT fix on our own (Epic Games will have to do that instead).

  • Sometimes, the terrain collision for some reason started becoming rather bizarre after changing resolution or “Alt-Tabing” out of the game for whatever reason.
  • The game may sometimes freeze and crash during gameplay.
  • The game would sometimes crash when selecting a mission (Campaign or Skirmish) or exiting the game.
  • Some of the AI objectives may not become invincible when scripted to do so, since the game was cooked and packaged (e.g. Flak Gun in Mission 05: Demolitian)

If you find any additional bugs and/or other issues, post them in the forums via the Bugs and Support section.

If anyone could also provide additional download links to the updated game, we would really appreciate it.

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Work In Progress (9/12/13) – Major Improvements and Beta 1.2 Update

It’s been 4 months since we have posted any major progress updates on the Army Men III Beta release. We have been busy behind the scenes repairing many bugs and issues found in the 1st beta release as well as improving on the game’s quality. But how could we ever forget our fans?

Beta 1.2 Update

We released the first Beta release on April 30th 2013 and although it did receive a fairly decent amount of reception, we really felt we could have did better to improve the game. More especially the cinematics and gameplay art. Some of you may noticed the different changes in some of the art (such as the sandbox mission). Unfortunately, I panicked on the art side after receiving feedback from Polycount, personal mentors, and other advice from all possible directions. I was so busy trying to satisfy their art requirements to reach AAA quality that seeing the April 30th release/countdown was really imminent, I just basically panicked.

That is why this next beta update and most other releases will be a proximity release, which I would define as a TBD release or as some would know as – “when it’s done”. We are currently improving the in-game cinematic scenes and the Bink FMVs to meet AAA quality, as well as improving the game’s art quality and clear as many bugs and issues as possible, more especially that annoying vehicle physics glitch, the overly-difficulty AI, and the hidden glitch on the transition of Mission 6 (we already fixed the three). You might also come across more secrets in this updated release….
*cough* Secret mission paths *cough*

Though, if you have not tried the previous updated release you can download it below.

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Meanwhile, here is an example of what he have completed so far.

Graphical Improvements on Level Design.Graphical Improvements on Level Design.Graphical Improvements on Level Design.Graphical Improvements on Level Design.Graphical Improvements on Level Design.Graphical Improvements on Level Design.Graphical Improvements on Level Design.Graphical Improvements on Level Design.Graphical Improvements on Level Design.Graphical Improvements on Level Design.
Graphical Improvements on Level Design.


We have welcomed another music composer to the empire (Neotl Empire). Samuel Garner has done a wodnerful job on creating the new music tracks which will replace some of our older tracks, even the original title theme I have composed in 2008.

New Website

As some of you may already know from our minor update article post, our official website has expired and before I could renew the domains, someone else (presumably, a domain reseller organization), have acquired the Lord Ihean and Army Men 3 domains and we are currently trying to acquire them back.

On the bright side, we have finally managed to re-established our new website!

….Which we will use as a hub to host Army Men III and many of our future projects (games, machinima videos, films, etc.) though, we are still working on acquiring a new website specifically for Army Men III.

That’s all for today folks! Tracks on IndieDB for more updates, or visit our social networks, and enjoy a drink of our finest Imperium *new game incoming*.

Imperium Energy Drink
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Work In Progress (4/28/13) – Beta Release Imminent!

Only 1 more day left until the beta is released and we would like to demonstrate some of our most prominent features and introduce our new forums.

New Forums!

Some of you may have already noticed that the old Mingle Forums (funny name for a forum app) is totally replaced with a link directing you to a new forums website, and the answer would probably be easy to guess – It simply did not serve us very well. So we decided to migrate to one with more superiority, better quality & decency, and free! Please note that you will have to create a new account to use the new forums as we were not able to transfer the data from the previous forums.

Be sure to register on the forums here if you have not already.

Gameplay Features Demonstration!

In this video, we will be demonstrating some of our most prominent features in the Army Men III game, including:

  • Random ‘special’ death animations (animations played beyond the regular death anims that would only play from each weapon damage)
  • Special melee attacks (different animations play in accordance to specific weaponry)
  • Incendiary Melting effect – certain characters will melt when killed by incendiary damage (e.g. flamethrower or incendiary grenade launcher kills)
  • Limb dismemberment.
  • Tesla Cannon’s secondary feature – EMP blast (knocks out stronger enemies, instantly kills weaker ones).


15th Anniversary Theme

We have a new music composer on the team. I would like to introduce Mark Braga. He is very professionalized in music and he will be helping me out with the music for the upcoming holiday DLC. He has created this awesome music track to support the 15th Army Men Anniversary which may be played in our release trailer.

That is all folks! Keep an eye out for the Beta release.

Work In Progress (4/17/13) – Skirmish Mode Preview

12 more days until the beta release and boy do we have something for you!
More progress, LOTS of improvements, new plastic weapons feature, and….

A sneak peak of Skirmish Mode!

IMPORTANT NOTE – You may notice a few number of flaws and bugs which we are currently fixing, such as the plane’s rotor rotating the wrong way and the scenery of the mission. This is a beta after all…

Army Men III Skirmish Preview ScreenshotsArmy Men III Skirmish Preview Screenshots
Army Men III Skirmish Preview ScreenshotsArmy Men III Skirmish Preview Screenshots
Army Men III Skirmish Preview ScreenshotsArmy Men III Skirmish Preview ScreenshotsArmy Men III Skirmish Preview ScreenshotsArmy Men III Skirmish Preview Screenshots
Army Men III Skirmish Preview Screenshots

We have improved the Plastic soldier character further by applying the bloom effect on the character mesh, giving him the more animated plastic soldier feeling. It may be hard to see it from this image, but the gameplay video might give some better insight or the beta once it is released.

Bloom Effect Applied

Thanks to popular vote, we have also returned the use of plastic weaponry from the previous Army Men games.

Plastic Weapons & Stances

However, we are also very aware that there are still some that really preferred the metallic weapons, so to satisfy both parties, we added a plastic weapons feature in the Main menu settings replacing the obsolete DirectX11 feature (you can add the suffix -DX11 to your desktop shortcut to activate this game’s DX11 features upon beta release), and right below the Reduced Gore (gibs and hitsplats) check box.

Plastic Weapons Settings Feature

However for story campaign mode and origin purposes, not all weapons are using the plastic colors. E.g. both the tesla cannon and laser rifle were made by the IGD using metal parts from the Real World, and the Vortex gun is a grenade launcher heavily altered to use vortex plasma grenades), it will only affect standard weaponry (Assault Rifles, SMGs, Rocket launchers, etc.)

Finally, we have already initiated the countdown for the Beta release, which you can also find on the main page.

You can find here –

That’s a wrap (as Vikki Grimm would say)! Keep in mind, we are but only a very small team, So we are still looking for artists and programmers to complete Army Men Multiplayer sooner. If you are interested in helping this project and more especially it’s online MP expansion see the light of day, just send us a PM via IndieDB or Skype.

Be sure to sign up and join our New Community Forums Here

We have removed the old Mingle forum as it provided very little value to us.

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Work In Progress (3/31/13) – FAQ for Upcomming Beta

The beta is almost here and we made this progress article to answer any concerned questions about the game.

We were originally planning a video version of the FAQ, unfortunately we could not have enough time to make one (some of us have college education and finances to deal with), So we will post them in this article instead.

We have also recreated the Boxshot theme for our game. Hopefully, this will be the FINAL version of our Boxshot which you can find it on the IndieDB summary page. For now, here is the Wallpaper version.

Army Men III Wallpaper - Fresh out the Kitchen

Q: When is the 1st Beta release?

  • The first Army Men III Beta release will launch on April 30th.

Q: Will the Beta release become available to everyone?

  • Yes, Keep in mind that this is an Open Beta release.

Q: Will the Beta release support character customization?

  • No, however we should have the character customization feature setup by the 2nd Beta release. We plan to allow characters the ability to change their player character, including their headgear, body accessories, and even their gender.

Q: Will the Beta release provided more Skirmish missions than what existed in the Alpha release?

  • Definitely! We have the screenshots above us to prove that.

Q: Are there any unlockables features, special powerups, or Bonus missions in the Beta release?

  • Yes, Just like in Army Men: Sarge’s Heroes (Dreamcast) and Sarge’s Heroes 2, There are a few secret areas throughout the Campaign & Skirmish Modes. Some of them could provide a large arsenal of inventory, powerups, easter eggs, or even unlock certain cheats. If you are adventurous enough, you may find them. There are are also bonus missions being included in the Campaign (such as the Anniversary Map Pack) as well as future holiday map packs arriving in the near future.

Q: Will the 1st Beta support playing as the Tan Army or The Monster Horde (IGD’s Army)?

  • No, we may release DLC that supports this at a later time, however we can not guarantee it at the moment.

Q: What improvements were made in the Beta version in comparison to the outdated Alpha version?

  • A LOT. For starters, cutscenes have been improved and the voice acting has been drastically improved. We have also recreated and revamped some of the campaign missions to better give players the feeling that they are fighting in the Plastic and Real World missions respectively.

Q: Explain the process of Campaign mode?

  • The Army Men III Campaign is practically the story mode of the game – Taking place where Army Men II last left off. Most of the missions in the Campaign take place in the Plastic World (and the last few in the Real World) as the Insane Grey Doctor threatens to destroy the plastic world with his warped experiments, and you will have to fight your way through all four of the Major nations – Tan, Green, Blue, and Grey, and take part in a full-scale assault on The Grey Doctor’s fortress – an enormous Castle in the Real World.

Q: Explain the process of Skirmish mode?

  • The Skirmish mode is practically the arcade mode of the game. Fight your way through waves of enemies – Tan infantry, swarms of insects, hordes of zombies (and explosive ones), and even returning foes from Sarge’s Heroes 2 reincarnated as the Machines of War.

Q: Is this game by any chance related or will end up like Sarge’s Heroes?

  • NO. We get this quite a LOT. Even the public pages (like gamepron) are misleading. Sure, we may have similarities and references from the game (e.g. the Green Beans cans in the skirmish missions) as well as a returning character from SH2 (with a new origin), however, this game is by NO chance directly related to the sub-series. Remember that this is a direct sequel to the original game, if anything else, this game would probably be closest to Army Men 3D.

Q: Is this game anything like Call of Duty or trying to follow it’s trend?

  • ROFL!! If I had a nickel for this one…. I can safely say, ANY game is prone to this stupid assumption (Even the all-mighty Halo 4 is vulnerable). I even see these assumptions in the ratings. I honestly don’t know how else to say this but please understand, that this game is NOT a Call of Duty knock-off. Sure it has some similar elements that God forbid they popularized (such as the Health regeneration system and dual-wielding) however we are not even trying to follow the modern-generation trend that you would find from most AAA Games. That is why indie games like Minecraft are ultimately becoming more prevalent. While most AAA games are focusing more about forking up some extra cash with overpriced DLC and console-focused gameplay, Indie games are focusing on not only improving on new and/or enjoyable gameplay, but also adding User Mod support. I believe that is what ultimately extends the life of a product, more especially if it is poorly-received or underrated (i.e.Duke Nukem Forever). More of the reason why our standalone expansion. Army Men Multiplayer exists.
That is all folks! Keep in mind, we are but only a very small team (practically three core developers such as myself, and less than a handful of voice actors), So we are still looking for artists and programmers to complete Army Men Multiplayer sooner. If you are interested in helping this project and its online MP expansion see the light of day, just send us a PM via IndieDB or Skype.

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Work In Progress (12/7/12) – Beta Progress

News from The Front!
We are marching towards the Beta Release!It’s been a long while since we ever posted any progress articles, and to make up for such long delay, here is a taste of what’s coming in the Beta release!

Army Men III Screenshots

Army Men III ScreenshotsArmy Men III ScreenshotsArmy Men III ScreenshotsArmy Men III ScreenshotsArmy Men III ScreenshotsArmy Men III ScreenshotsArmy Men III ScreenshotsArmy Men III Screenshots

Since the release of the Alpha, Lord Iheanacho Productions has made tremendous progress throughout the past year:

  • Animations are greatly improved
  • Level design is becoming better than before
  • Almost every single NPC is dismemberable
  • Dual wielding has been implemented and working.
  • AI skill and game difficulty has improved
  • Improved materials utilizing DirectX 11 Technology.
  • Man do I love the smell of “burning plastic” in the morning…

Our website underwent a complete overhaul so be sure to check it out here.
Lastly, we have released a localization patch for the outdated Alpha version release, which you can download here.

Remember, We are still looking for recruits, You can contact us here.
Keep your eyes pealed for more exciting updates on progress.
Vote us for Indie of the Year and you are Good to Go!
Over and Out!

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Work In Progress (4/8/12) – Happy Easter!

As some of you may know, several assets have been recreated (more especially to replace the UDK-provided substitutes as seen in the Alpha version). More especially the Tesla Cannon, Grenade Launcher, and the Berserker character.

Army Men III Weapons - Tesla Cannon
Army Men III Weapons - Grenade Launcher

We have decided to apply armor to our new and improved Berserker character. With the armor, the berserker is invulnerable to most standard weapons and can only be harmed with explosives and experimental weapons. While Melee attacking is another alternative, it proves to be less effective against it.

Army Men III Characters - Berserker


As the Berserker health drops below 50%, his armor will shatter thus revealing the full plastic and making standard weapons effective against it and explosives even more effective. again, Melee attacking is still less effective.

Army Men III Characters - Berserker

I figured some players may have had trouble finding their way throughout the campaign in the alpha release. Thanks to the experience I have gained working with Totem Arts as their Unrealscript programmer for their current project Renegade X, I am now able to do just that. I am currently working on Navigation System to help the player find his/her way trough certain missions in the game.

New Navigation System

In Other News:

One of our voice actors, John Rogers was kind enough to host a new domain for the game’s website which you can visit at the end of this article.

We have also recreated some materials of the terrain for our game. Although this is an independent title, we are hoping to graphically aim beyond those boundaries by improving the art to meet AAA quality standards – The similar quality you would often see in most full-fledged commercial games.

Army Men III Screenshots
Army Men III Screenshots

That is all for now, Be sure to track us on the following below.

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