It has been a whopping 2 decades (20 years) since the release of Army Men in 1998 and It’s been roughly two years since Army Men III has been canceled, and some fans of the community still have a hard time moving on. I still can not promise a revival of the game and I don’t plan on returning but instead of letting all of our work fall into the depths of obscurity, I’ve decided to release the source code and content for anyone to use in your future projects. If you wish to make another fangame in tribute to Army Men or even our own game, you now have the means to do so.

Army Men Online is still a plan I intend to continue working on however I can no longer guarantee when it will ever be released, especially now that I have finally acquired a part-time job as well as focusing on future endeavors.

Perhaps someone else will be better suited to continue where I’ve failed. If not, well at least I can now soundly sleep at night knowing AM3 did not entirely go to waste. Happy Anniversary and have fun.

As an added bonus, here is this specially-made track to celebrate.

Real Combat, Plastic Men.

Download the Source at SourceForge
Tortoise SVN Required

Use this link to checkout the download.
svn:// Men III/

Army Men III may have died, but the future of Néotl Empire has not. Follow us on social media and join us on our future endeavors!

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