It pains us to say this but AM3 took some heavy hits during it’s lifetime and after so many years taking care of it, I finally made the hardest decision I’ve done in my entire life. I took it out the back…. and put it down with my M14 Sniper Rifle. Those days we’ve spent shedding tears for our child and the days we cherished it shall never fall in vain. Further more, I am quitting game dev. It used to be my life long hobby I always enjoyed and used to cope with my depression from the bullying and violence I’ve faced when I was young but now… The industry today is not what it used to have been, for better AND worse, and I do not like what it has come anymore. Abuse of Early-Access, MT frenzy, Disrespect of crowdfunding backers, pushing extremist agendas instead of gameplay value, the list goes on.

My apologies folks but the gaming industry at least on the social and commercial aspect is either becoming a sinking ship or taking a dangerous route straight to Hell.

Lord Iheanacho signing off…

Rest In Peace – Army Men III (2004 – 2016)

AM3_Portrait AM3_MercyKillRest In Peace - Army Men III (2004 - 2016)

April Fools


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