Work In Progress (4/28/13) – Beta Release Imminent!

Only 1 more day left until the beta is released and we would like to demonstrate some of our most prominent features and introduce our new forums.

New Forums!

Some of you may have already noticed that the old Mingle Forums (funny name for a forum app) is totally replaced with a link directing you to a new forums website, and the answer would probably be easy to guess – It simply did not serve us very well. So we decided to migrate to one with more superiority, better quality & decency, and free! Please note that you will have to create a new account to use the new forums as we were not able to transfer the data from the previous forums.

Be sure to register on the forums here if you have not already.

Gameplay Features Demonstration!

In this video, we will be demonstrating some of our most prominent features in the Army Men III game, including:

  • Random ‘special’ death animations (animations played beyond the regular death anims that would only play from each weapon damage)
  • Special melee attacks (different animations play in accordance to specific weaponry)
  • Incendiary Melting effect – certain characters will melt when killed by incendiary damage (e.g. flamethrower or incendiary grenade launcher kills)
  • Limb dismemberment.
  • Tesla Cannon’s secondary feature – EMP blast (knocks out stronger enemies, instantly kills weaker ones).


15th Anniversary Theme

We have a new music composer on the team. I would like to introduce Mark Braga. He is very professionalized in music and he will be helping me out with the music for the upcoming holiday DLC. He has created this awesome music track to support the 15th Army Men Anniversary which may be played in our release trailer.

That is all folks! Keep an eye out for the Beta release.


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